Internship at Hertonäs Manor

29.04.2022 hrs 13:10
The last week in April the museum was visited by an intern. Read more below!

My name is Ebba Randelius, I am in the eight grade at Hoplaxskolan and I have had an internship at Hertonäs gård. It has been fun to work here, I have helped with work and I have gotten to see a lot of the museum. The work was interesting and enjoyable and I learned a lot and got to try out new things. I got to help with cleaning, till the soil, plant potatoes and even make a video for the museum’s Youtube channel and other small tasks. While doing the work I also got to learn about the history of Hertonäs manor.

I had to pour water over a wooden bucket to make it waterproof. Picture: EAW.

It wasn’t really what I expected working at a museum would be like, even so it was fun to do. I have not thought about working at a museum, so it was interesting to learn more about what it entails. All in all I had a very positive experience.

Picture: Outside Hertonäs manor. Foto: ER.